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Costa Rica, Transportation With Driver

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Costa Rica, Transportation with Driver

To travel around Costa Rica, you have high quality options in the BestDeals2 GO catalogue.


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Traveling with a driver requires a high level of professionalism and precision while providing the service. At BestDeals2 we have operators with a highly professional logistics team, top grade vehicles with constant cleaning and sanitation procedures and professional drivers with regular customer service training.

The service has an extended reach all over Costa Rica.

Please take into account the following advice.

In your service request, clearly indicate the make-up of the party, specifying the following: 

Amount of people: adults, children, elderly, and if any party member has a disability or requires any special equipment.

Quantity and description of baggage, for example: 5 suitcases  of 80 liters, one cooler of 50 liters, and two bicycles. 

Itinerary to fulfill, indicating the pick-up and drop-off locations with the ideal time to reach your destination.

With these elements, our specialists will provide you a proposal with the exact price and will be ready to give you the service you deserve.