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Car Rental In Costa Rica

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Car Rental In Costa Rica

Vehicle rental in Costa Rica.


The Costa Rican territory has a pretty developed road system in tourist zones but we cannot forget that Costa Rica is a tropical, mountainous country due to which terrain irregularity and en-route distractions make the journey slower than what you could calculate in relation to the mileage to cover. For example, a trip from Liberia to San José has close to 200 kms where travel apps estimate a 4 hour duration, can actually take closer to 6 hours. Because of this, we recommend you plan your travel route with the appropriate vehicle and plan for journeys with extra time to enjoy driving in Costa Rica.

The requirements:The minimum age varies between 21 and 25 years old according to the company you choose, due to insurance policies. 



Valid driver 's license for 4-wheeled vehicles. If you visit Costa Rica as a tourist, your license will be valid for a maximum of 90 days or what has been indicated in the immigration office’s stamp on your passport during entry to Costa Rica. Foreigners with a residence ID must equiparate their foreign driver’s license or qualify to obtain their Costa Rican driver’s license. 



National ID card, passport, or residency permit.



Credit card for the guarantee deposit (from$100 USD to $5000 USD) according to the conditions of the renting company of your choice. Normally, they must be Visa, American Express or MasterCard. 



There is a wide variety of vehicles, travel accessories and insurance coverage.

When you ask for quotes, make comparisons and offer analisis, make sure that the offer contains at least the following elements:

Description of the vehicle with its capacities:4x4, 4x2, engine size, type of transmission, amongst other selection criteria.



Rental fee for the requested days.


Crash protection coverage for the rental vehicle.

*Check the reach and associated franchises.

Coverage for damage to the property of a third party.

*Check  the reach and associated franchises.

Cost of driver sign-up.

Additional taxes.

BestDeals2 GO’s offers for rental vehicles provide you with a select list of prestigious companies and more  than 40 offices and assistance providers all over Costa Rica.

Book today and take advantage of the discounts and special conditions on the offers from the BestDeals2 GO catalogue.

Catalog of car rental offers in Costa Rica